Tuesday, September 6, 2016

JAMIE'S CHILDREN: The Healing Power of Music

In Jamie’s Children, Jamie Logan’s son Niall is eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder. From everything I have read the “eventual” diagnosis is not unusual. Bipolar disorder can present in different ways and until the person with the condition begins to experience regular manic and depressive episodes, it’s easy to miss.

I am so appreciative of a review published this morning, September 6, by author Sahar R. Abdulaziz. An advocate for the victims of domestic abuse and the disenfranchised, Abdulaziz holds degrees in psychology and health and wellness promotion and administration. She addresses Niall’s bipolar illness in some detail in her review, which has been published on Amazon and Goodreads as well as on her blog: http://www.saharraziz.com/single-post/2016/09/06/Book-Review-Jamies-Children-by-Susan-Moore-Jordan

Below is an excerpt :
The story exquisitely expounded on quite a few intimate human relationships. Mother-father-brother-sister-lovers alike. It explored the strength and bonds needed to nurture a family as well as the frailties and disappointments of interpersonal relationships facing obstacles and hurdles, such as depression, loneliness, insecurities, jealousy, but most of all, the erratic behavior and thought patterns of someone in the midst of battling a Bipolar Disorder.
In the story, Niall found himself facing the many highs and lows of countless bipolar flares, but unfortunately, he went through most of his life undiagnosed. And like so many suffering from easily concealed mood disorders he blamed himself for the disease process. Living among a household of super achievers only served to exacerbate Niall’s feelings of mediocrity and his constant desire to prove himself. –A father whose very name made hearts flutter in the opera world, a mother of exceptional intellect, and a stunningly beautiful and kind sister who was a music prodigy. And despite the way they loved and rallied in his favor, the Bipolar disease still made accepting help and direction extremely difficult, –and at times, even impossible.
Yet this author did something I believe to be quite extraordinary. Not only did she show in detail how Niall, desperate for relief began to self-medicate using alcohol and sexual liaisons, but she bravely revealed to the reader not only the lows of suffering with a mood disorder, but the highs as well, –Because as strange as it might seem, there is a positive side of living with depression or an anxiety disorder.
In the story, Laura, Niall’s sister, quoted her friend and mentor, Eli Levin to describe the level of impact music can have on the soul, “… ‘It wasn’t unusual to sometimes have a bad day and feel I couldn’t play at all …he said,  ‘One of the things that makes music so exciting is that we’ve all had to struggle at times. Because the breakthroughs are so glorious.’ And he was right.”
Jamie’s Children is a tender story of familial love, commitment, and respect. The author’s lovely melodic writing style gently nudges one along the story path, while enveloping their heart with wisdom and grace, –a most pleasurable read.


Jamie’s Children, Kindle edition, is currently available on Amazon for $0.99. The sale ends at 11 a.m. on September 8.

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