Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas Reunion

Eli’s Heart

Krissy Porter and Eli Levin haven’t seen each other in over three years. They met as young teens, were separated, found their way back to each other as college students, wrote letters and made long-distance phone calls and arranged to meet again on Christmas Day in 1957. Eli’s diseased heart has been on both their minds … the heart that Krissy believes she broke. The hurt she wants to mend. So they each go Christmas shopping just before their reunion.

     Krissy had looked a long time for a gift for Eli. Clothing was out, because she knew his dad had very fine men’s shops and she was sure Eli lacked for nothing. She tried to think of a musical gift but couldn’t find anything she thought would be appropriate. She thought about baseball, but it was out of season, and anyway, she was sure he had all the souvenir books the Yankees had made available to their fans. Jewelry seemed to be her only option. She thought about an identification bracelet with an inscription, but most pianists she knew didn’t even like to wear a wristwatch when they played.
     Finally, she found it. She bought a long chain with heavy links, and she had a three-quarter-inch wide heavy sterling silver heart attached to it. She used all the money she’d made from her church job in November to buy it, but it was worth it. The heart was very simple, flat with no trim, and she had it engraved on both sides: “Krissy” on one side and “Eli” on the other. He could wear it under his clothing, and keep the heart close to his own. She was very happy with it.
     It was a heart that could never be broken.


     Eli had almost finished his packing. The last thing he put in his suitcase was Krissy’s gift. He was sure she’d like it. It was the easiest gift he’d ever bought for someone. Krissy had said in one of her letters, I’ve learned more about your heart. If I should be so fortunate that you give that heart to me, I will treat it with love and tenderness.
     He’d found a heart-shaped locket on a silver chain, and he had it inscribed Eli’s Heart.

Eli’s Heart is a love story filled with courage and music. It’s available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.  Here’s the link: