Monday, June 23, 2014

ELI'S HEART, a novel


Yes, my blogs are going to be about the new book for a while. This one will be brief. The book is now in production and should be announced for sale very soon, hopefully within two weeks. It will be available on Amazon as a paperback and an e-book. I decided to go with CreateSpace, and thus far it has been a very good experience. I have to say I am glad that I’ve had experience using my computer in a much different way than most people do; digital notesetting and using a DTP program, Quark Xpress, I’m sure have been a great help in formatting the book interior myself.

Here are the basic information on the book that will appear on the back cover, and the picture of the front cover. Two very savvy and talented young men, Taylor and Tristan Flanagan, came up with the cover concept and then realized it. Taylor had the idea, Tristan took the photograph and added the title and author name. Anybody want to guess to whom those gifted hands belong?

I am very happy with the book. I hope some people will buy it; even more I hope some people will read it. Watch for giveaways and sales! One of the reasons I decided to print it with CreateSpace this time. Those of us who self-publish are also known as “indie authors.” I like that. I like that I own the copyright and have complete control of this book. Of course, there are millions of book in the vast “Amazon” book jungle; more every day. But for me it is a delight to actually see my work in print. I’m thankful I’m not trying to pay my bills this way, however.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful boy
 who was born with two things:
a damaged heart and a heart full of music.”
Krissy Levin
          In the nineteen fifties, ELI LEVIN, a brilliant teenage pianist born with a serious heart defect and not expected to live past the age of thirty, meets KRISSY PORTER on a visit to a small town in the Southeast.         
        They play piano duets, talk about baseball, eat banana splits. A budding romance is ended by interference from Eli’s family, but they find their way back to each other three years later.
        They marry on Krissy’s twentieth birthday while they are both college students. The music they share is a vital part of their life together. Once he begins his career, Eli’s rise in the music world is meteoric.
             Although they are devoted—and intensely passionate—from the beginning, the couple must struggle with never knowing when the various repairs to Eli’s heart might give out.